I am a Melbourne based artist and designer and I have been working as a contemporary jeweller since 2013.

My work is very process driven. I allow the piece to change and evolve during the making process, permitting the method to direct the final outcome. This allows me to maintain a certain freedom when making my pieces and I feel that this fluidity is reflected in my final designs.

Most of my pieces are inspired by organic forms and unique shapes and I have always drawn inspiration from a variety of natural phenomena. I am fascinated by macro-photography and looking at objects on a cellular level.

I experiment a lot with materials and also like to expand my practice into other mediums such as painting and sculpture. I find this compliments the initial design process by sparking ideas that flow through to my jewellery designs.

I find irregularity and imperfection appealing and I am more concerned with the character of the piece than its conventional beauty. In my mind, jewellery is a wearable art form inspiring playfulness and intrigue.

Bits of Paper

2016-2018 Bachelor of Fine Art, RMIT, Melbourne, Australia
2014-2016 Advanced Diploma of Jewellery and Object based design Melbourne Polytechnic, Melbourne Australia
2014 Porcelain Jewellery Short course at Slow Clay Centre, Melbourne
2013 Leisure Jewellery Melbourne Polytechnic, Melbourne Australia
2013 Gem Setting Melbourne Polytechnic, Melbourne Australia
2013 Intermediate Jewellery Melbourne Polytechnic, Melbourne Australia
2013 Intermediate metal clay workshop London Jewellery School
2013 Jewellery Photography Workshop London Jewellery School
2013 Craft Victoria Workshop with Vicky Mason
2012 Wax Carving Vanettea Schreean Jewellery School London short course
2010 Sliversmithing Central Saint Martin's London short course
2008-2011 BSc Mathematics with Modern Languages, University College London (1st Class Honours)


2018 RMIT BA (Fine Art) Graduate Exhibition, Building 2, RMIT, Melbourne
2018 Wonderenamel, First Site Gallery, Melbourne
2017 Graduate Metal XV, First Site gallery, Melbourne
2017 Around The Table, Assembly point, Melbourne
2017 Victorian Craft Awards, Craft Vitoria, Melbourne
2017 As cold as Ice, KIN Gallery, Canberra
2017 I Definitely Do, Studio Melt, Newcastle
2016 BIOMIMICRY, Black Finch Gallery, Melbourne
2016 MOBJECTS, Group Exhibition, RMIT, Melbourne
2016 Form Exhibition, Red Gallery, Melbourne
2015 Melbourne Cufflinks Exhibition, Lord Coconut, Melbourne
2015 “40.67” Group Exhibition, Remuera Gallery, Auckland
2014 Small Works, Group Exhibition, Fawn Gallery, Melbourne
2014 “40.67” Group Exhibition, Artifact Gallery, LES New York City
2013 “Wall and Small” Group Exhibition, Fawn Gallery, Melbourne
2013 Joint exhibition, Smart Artz Gallery, Melbourne

Awards & Publications

2018 Frank Klepner Memorial Award for Limited Series Jewellery
2018 Koodak Award for Top Student 3rd year
2017 Victorian Craft Awards, shortlisted
2017 Selected for Graduate Metal XV, First Site gallery, Melbourne
2016 AJS award, FORM, Graduate exhibition Melbourne Polytechnic Advance diploma of Jewellery and Object Design
2015 Design Institute of Australia, Light installation competition, 1st place